An authentic signature expert believes that insurers will have to go further if they want to purchase large amounts of insurance. Otherwise, the regulator could do it for them. Do signature images handwritten on an electronic document or solutions click to sign, or these signatures generated by the system of the insurer are enough to […]

# 1 Set complex and unique passwords The company must impose the use of difficult passwords, consisting of at least 10 to 12 characters combining upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Each service deemed essential must have a unique password, which will never be reused on other platforms. To increase your computer […]

On June 19, Amazon Web Services is organizing its biggest event in France: AWS Summit Paris. The gathering of the French AWS ecosystem is an opportunity for you to discover the latest innovations, but most importantly to understand how to succeed in your digital transformation with the benefits of this public cloud. The experts of […]

Introduction Information systems are increasingly taking on a strategic place in companies. Thus the notion of the risk related to these becomes a source of concern and important data to take into account, starting from the design phase of an information system until its implementation and monitoring of its operation. Information systems security practices are […]

The prospect of a migration from IT infrastructure to the cloud is becoming increasingly attractive for many companies and organizations. The main benefits to be expected for them are cost savings, flexibility and time savings. Many companies have also realized that switching to the cloud can help them increase the visibility and efficiency of their […]

If companies are still reluctant to go to cloud computing, it would be fear of security risks in some case. But at the present, according to German researchers, some of the security risks associated with cloud services would be none other than the fact … of the customers themselves. According to Trend Micro, 43% of […]

Sony Vaio VPCSB1S1E / W: the promise Last February, Sony announced a new range of small laptops, the Vaio S. 13.3-inch machines, weighing around 1.7 kg, supposed to replace the Vaio Z. We received the input model the Vaio VPCSB1S1E / W, including an Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 500 GB […]

A first contact last spring at the North American unveiling of the new generation of the Mazda CX-5 had particularly impressed us – just like the first generation of this compact Japanese SUV, by the way. Recently, we have tested 2 versions of the 2017 CX-5 to validate our initial love affair. Here are the […]

With the summer holidays on the horizon, it’s time to see if you have what it takes to serve you well for travel or camping, or just for your daily commute. Edmunds has teamed up with Parents magazine to evaluate the best models to meet the needs of families. This week they released the results […]

A Sedan that imposes The generations that preceded this model had changed little in the last three years. We just revise more or less the silhouette, improve the mechanics and we counted on the reputation of the brand and its reliability to convince buyers. This time, we did a complete update, or a “reset” to […]

It took Apple 18 months to propose a new iteration of its connected watch. Without really changing the pace, with guts reviews and corrected and 2 or 3 inputs welcome – a bit like an iPhone, in short – the Watch Series 2, like many second versions of a new type of product of the […]

Looking for an SLR camera? This buying guide is dedicated to the best APS-C SLR cameras of the moment in amateur, passionate and expert ranges. Above, it will be necessary to look at our guide on the reflex full frame. As the centerpiece of photography, the SLR camera is the reference camera for demanding photographers. […]

Automakers have to bury the hatchet in terms of data sovereignty if they want to win in the digital mobility market. For service providers, the business outlook around the connected vehicle is promising. Analysts predict market growth of 30% per year by 2020, and SNS Research estimates that mobility services will generate $ 40 billion […]

If we had to appreciate progress in Africa, it would be now, because the continent is very quickly adopting new technologies. We believe that there are still huge opportunities just waiting to be exploited. The digital explosion continues to grow. Digital, Big Data, design and the emergence of the Fintech sector are becoming the driving […]

High School Girl by Dick Thomas Johnson (CC BY 2.0) Rather than tell the students that it is an instrument that must absolutely be avoided, we must teach them that it is a black box that they must understand to make the best use of its potential. The potential of new technologies for learning and […]

The victory of the machine on the human specialists of the game of go, first tests of autonomous vehicles, multiplication of the personal assistants such as Siri (Apple) or Cortana (Microsoft) … The artificial intelligence has become in recent years very media. It is an area in which it raises many hopes: that of business […]

Are the parents left to their own devices in this fight against the hyper-connectivity of children? Should children be kept away from screens? It’s a Lapalissade: screens have invaded homes … We parents are one of the first generations to have to manage the digital education of our children. At their age, tablets, smartphones, and […]

Just started, 2018 will be marked by the intelligent enterprise, AI, autonomous cars, drones, virtual currencies, connected objects (IoT), security, cloud and so-called devices. periphery. These technologies should not only change the way we work but could also play a role in health! We may even witness a revolutionary medical breakthrough that will eradicate hereditary […]

For fans of displacement, performance and design are not enough: they are now more and more interested in “connected car” features. For manufacturers, this means that they must master a new world in which they are confronted with the competition of high-tech companies. But there is another way: that of collaboration between the two industries. […]

The electronics on board brings freedom and safety … But in return, some flaws are the delight of hackers and leave your dear car at the mercy of crackers. Here is a quick overview of the risks involved … Those who knew the 80s certainly did not forget the TV series K2000, where a Pontiac […]

Most insurers in North America plan to reduce their use of offline paper and electronic applications (digitized paper) in less than two years. They will move more and more to the Internet proposal, reveals a large study of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) published in December 2017. Multichannel distribution These proposals are available on computer […]

Authentication of the signatories and validation of the adviser’s right to practice is one thing, but the challenge is also to ensure the durability of the signature, believes François Laporte, financial security advisor, author of the book Bureau sans border. Adept of the paperless office, Mr. Laporte wonders about the quality of the signatures. “Will […]

Driven by the growing popularity of simplified underwriting products, the proposal has shifted from a simple digitized PDF copy to a platform that can mimic the intelligence of a seasoned underwriter. Luis Romero, CEO of Equisoft, reminds us that studies show that the electronic proposal allows the insurer to save money, which it can optimize […]

By making it possible to leverage current computing performance, quantum computing could be one of the solutions at the end of Moore’s Law. The concept of the quantum computer was born in the 1970s and 1980s. It is notably worn by the American physicist David Wineland – who received the Nobel Prize in physics for […]

Organized on March 12 and 13 in Paris, the 2018 edition of the show will feature some 250 exhibiting brands and more than 100 speakers. 15,000 visitors are expected. Clemency Simmelide. We mainly observe three movements. First, the application of artificial intelligence to big data is strengthening. We can even talk about convergence now. Which […]

Have you felt a change in the storage world? Perhaps you have noticed some resignation among industry veterans when considering the future of data storage technology? Perhaps you have found that when it comes to refreshing aging storage arrays, there is less differentiation between competing products – or no exciting new storage technologies. After all, […]

Scientists at the IBM Research Group in Zurich, Switzerland, introduced an experimental optical storage device that is faster than Solid State Drive (SSD) and more efficient than Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). This new technology, called phase-change memory, is an optical memory that takes advantage of the optoelectronic properties of semiconductors composed of germanium, tellurium, […]

Introduction In order to be able to securely transport computer data everywhere, removable media has been created, which are mass storage devices designed to be removed from a computer without shutting it down. There are two categories of removable media: those that require a dedicated device and those that do not. For the first category […]

Course complement: Analysis of false answers: The motherboard is used to connect all the electronic components of a computer RAM stores temporary software and data used by the processor. It has a reduced storage capacity (4 to 6 GB per barette). Above all, it is volatile which means that it is emptied as soon as […]